3 Areas of efficiency with cloud accounting


You may have heard of using cloud software to take care of accounting. Why care about that? Because it has several efficiency advantages as compared to non-cloud ways of accounting.

1) Time efficiency

  • With cloud accounting, you don’t have to waste time manually inputting numbers. It frees up your time grow your business.
  • You can import bank feeds and reconcile your bank transactions all on a shared ledger.
  • Mobile apps allow you to do everything from purchasing to invoicing on-the-go, making it very convenient when you are on a business trip
  • Information is available in real time, allowing you to collaborate with your staff easily and to make budget adjustments quickly

2) Expense efficiency

When you make use of cloud accounting, it becomes easier to outsource your accounting operations to a party that isn’t inside your office. They can access your accounting system in real time, and you can log in at any time to see what they’re doing.

There is significant benefit with outsourcing your accounting to us versus hiring an in-house staff

you save the hassle of having to

  • hire
  • train
  • equip
  • support
  • maintain
  • correct ..an in house staff

Engage a reliable partner like us with a predictable flat monthly rate. No hassle for interviewing, paying benefits or salary to an in-house accounts executive. No surprises. This expense fits nicely into a predetermined budget.

Seeing your cash position , cash flows, P/L statements and balance sheets in real time allow better decision-making

3) Technology efficiency

  • Run all your accounting needs from you mobile or tablet
  • After closing a deal with a client, you can prepare an invoice right there before leaving the meeting
  •  This increases cash flow: invoice faster and get paid faster

At Kaiyang Accounting, we specialise in supporting businesses by implementing and ensuring maximum use of cloud accounting solutions.