Outsource your accounting department

If you manage a medium sized Company, you may know that running an Accounting Department is not easy.

Wages are hefty in Singapore–Ordinary wages, CPF, SDL, bonuses, etc. Managing your staff is another problem, with medical leaves and inefficiencies at work.

Besides, how many of the staff you hire will be Chartered Accountants with knowledge of Singapore Financial Reporting Standards, Tax Law and Company Law?

We have a solution to your problem. Outsource your entire accounting department and improve productivity. Our clients have seen cost savings of up to 60% after engaging our services, not to mention having access to much better financial information and Tax and Legal advice.

As an SME, your staff can be more productively re-deployed to what matters most–sales and customer retention. Leave accounting to the professionals.

We will run the entire accounting department for you, including:

Arranging to pay the bills.

Filing and Maintaining your physical accounting documents.

Managing the unpaid client invoices and sending reminders to clients.

Payroll services for employees.


Get in touch and we’ll be glad to make the transition smooth for you.