Flagship Cloud Accounting Package

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a shift to the “cloud”. No longer are we storing everything on our own hard disk; we save data in the cloud and work with programs in the cloud.

We have done extensive research and testing, and have concluded that Xero is one of, if not the best and most efficient Cloud Accounting software for Singapore Companies in the market. Leverage on our knowledge as tech-savvy Chartered Accountants.


Our Flagship Cloud Accounting Package allows you to have:

Real-time financial information. Being an SME does not mean you can only have access to critical financial information once a year. Under our care, have access to quality financial information as and when you want to.

Instant collaboration with your Accountant. Having the accountant call you only when it is time for the annual filing does not happen here. We collaborate actively with you directly through the cloud, highlighting significant matters and responding to your queries.

Mobile and App enabled. Send invoices through the mobile app and keep track of whether customers have paid.

Annual Secretarial and Tax needs included. Don’t pay extra for routine services. We do not charge additionally for these as well as PIC tax optimisation under this package.

Qualified Company Secretary included.

Stop worrying about your accounts and focus on running your business with our flagship package. We have everything covered.



Depending on the size of your company, our Cloud Accounting Package begins at $450/month. Get in touch and we’ll be glad to make the transition smooth for you.