Xero vs Quickbooks: Which is the best?

The cloud accounting playing field currently has two main players, Xero and Quickbooks. We support any accounting package, and service a number of clients who use Quickbooks. But we generally recommend Xero. Here are the most important considerations when choosing your cloud accounting solution:

User friendliness: Compared to Quickbooks, Xero is more user friendly. You will find yourself spending less time figuring out how to do something, because Xero is more intuitive in use as compared to Quickbooks.

Help section: Quickbooks doesn’t have a help section, which can at times really leave you helpless. Xero, on the other hand, has an extensive help and community forum where you can ask questions and request for favourite features.

Singapore compliance: Quickbooks comes with compliance to Singapore laws such as GST and CPF “in the box”. Xero doesn’t offer this as of yet – however, we can take care of a one-time set-up for you.

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