Secretarial Services

Most companies do not see their corporate secretary often. The service exists to make sure that books are in order, laws and reporting standards are observed and board resolutions are filed properly.

However, having an appointed corporate secretary is a requirement for Singapore companies.

You may have a staff member who is qualified to be a corporate secretary. But simply keeping up with filing requirements takes time. We do it for many of our clients and have a system for it. What may be an additional headache for you, is part of everyday business practice for us.

It makes sense for your accountant to be your corporate secretary. By taking care of these separate but related areas of your business, we can better ensure that everything you do is compliant with the latest laws and requirements for corporate reporting. It saves you the hand-off of records as well; we will simply make sure all your filing requirements are met; often without you being aware of the work we do.

Our Flagship Cloud Accounting Package includes Secretarial Services.


Would you like to know more about how we can serve you, as a corporate secretary or otherwise? Feel free to get in touch.