Invoicing with cloud accounting traditional way of invoicing can be tedious.

For example, if you are a salesperson in a meeting with a client and have just closed a deal with him. You have to get back to your admin staff to write up an invoice or do it manually. After that you may have to email it to your boss for approval and then email it to your client and wait for his reply. If your client is okay with invoice and decides to go through with the deal, you then have re-key this invoice into the accounting system for it to be captured for month-end closing.

Cloud accounting allows you to create the invoice remotely from your smart phone or mobile device. Your boss can view and approve it right away. Instantly you can then email it to your client even before leaving the meeting. You do not have to re-key it into another accounting software as its already captured on the cloud. Invoicing hence become incredibly easy and fast and helps shorten the payment cycle. This also removes need for an accounting department or hiring administrative staff to deal with paperwork.

Easy invoicing is just one example of how cloud accounting with software such as Xero or Quickbooks can greatly streamline your business processes. Learn more about the advantages of cloud accounting on our website.