Much for Freelancers and SMEs to gain from Cloud Accounting

Having worked for a traditional accounting firm before starting out on his own, Ziyang, the founder of Kaiyang Business Services, saw how SMEs and freelancers struggle to have the proper accounting information to run their businesses. Unlike MNCs, they have limited budget and resources to hire professionals or invest in expensive traditional accounting software. A firm believer that SMEs can have access to the same quality of financial information available to MNCs, Ziyang decided to set up his own accounting firm specialising in Cloud Accounting.

Accounting affects many aspects of a business such as IT and operations, making it important to have the right solution from the get-go. Having assisted numerous SMEs streamline their business processes using cloud technology, Ziyang saw first hand how setting up a cloud accounting system such as Xero can lead to productivity gains and increased revenue.

Besides eliminating the need for paperwork, cloud accounting offers the benefits of accessibility and real time financial information, allowing business owners to make better business decisions on-the-go. Xero can also be integrated with 3rd party applications for a more seamless and efficient workflow. Many of our clients saw a marked improvement in their performance and cash flows with the increased visibility of accounts.


[Photo taken with NTUC Secretary-General, Mr Chan Chun Sing at Fair for Freelancers organised held on 7 September 2016]


[Photo of the founder of Kaiyang Business Services, Mok Ziyang]